Website Architecture

An effective website strategy is meaningless without meaningful website infrastructure. And a sturdy wireframe is nothing without a well thought out strategy. Building a user-friendly, SEO-friendly website takes thorough planning, an intuitive site map and detailed, strategic wireframes. The information architecture is foundational to an effective website design. We never swing a hammer until we see the blueprint. That’s why our websites are still standing when others totter.

Website Design and Development

These days, your website is easily the most visible part of your brand. Let’s make it outstanding.

Websites, Banners and Mobile Apps, Oh My

We love digital. We started digital. We breathe digital. We live digital. And we love creating amazing web-based interactive experiences. To make it all happen, we’ve assembled a top-notch team of cross-trained designers and developers. We never apply a template, nor do we adhere to one specific code base or programming language, rather we think of languages as different tools in our toolbox. And our team is trained to pull the right tool for the job.

The languages we regularly apply include: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Action Script, Django/Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Objective C, C# & C++, and even .NET (but only if you make us). And we use them to create a wide variety of digital goods: websites, microsites, applications, banners and integrated social marketing platforms. Our team dares to dream up digital goodness that may have never been tried before. That’s who we are and

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Want to improve your ranking on Google®? You’ve come to the right place. We can usher your brand up closer to the top with a little bit of knowhow and a whole lot of passion. Moving a brand up in organic ranking can double and triple your website traffic, sales and service opportunities.

Our team can revamp your current website to make it run on all cylinders. Our staff understands how important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to generating website traffic. We’ll make sure your site has a hard-working keyword list, smarter Meta data, thorough cross-linking and strategic content development that speaks effectively to the search bots as it does to your customers.