Recognizing that photography is more than pictures on a page, we engage in all forms of visual communication, product exhibitions, multimedia and video as well as long-term documentary projects.

We believe in the photography of ideas. Not content with merely witnessing, our photographers seek out stories that matter with the aim of interpreting rather than simply recording. We are not afraid to take a position on current events or contemporary issues and offer perspectives that challenge commonly held assumptions. Our photographers bring an unparalleled understanding and awareness of the sensitivities and ethical dimensions of the issues and areas they document.

PIXELBASE has over 7 years experience working with both the commercial and non-profit sectors, actively using photography to campaign and communicate through a range of media to new and diverse audiences.

Marketing Photography

Brochures, catalogues, direct mail campaigns or website redesigns – in fact all types of corporate communication and marketing material, can be brought to life with just a few carefully shot images.

We are experts at coming up with creative ideas that will inject personality into your marketing literature while conveying key messages – whether that be your staff, your board of directors, your clients or your products.

Working in tandem with your marketing team or designers we go the extra mile to come up with concepts highlighting the key messages that you want to communicate. We’re bursting with dynamic ideas (and some interesting props too) and have worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Event/Conference Photography

Events and conferences take a lot of hard work to pull together. We can capture the end result making sure you have a record of key moments such as awards, speakers, presentations and entertainment. Not to mention your guests and attendees having a great time. Lots of things can happen at the same time at events.

At PIXELBASE, we have a team of photographers, which means you don’t have to rely on one person running around getting shots of all the action. Or if it’s moving images you’re after, we can provide that too. Our team has considerable experience in this area. We’ll get the shots while being as discreet as possible, ensuring minimum disruption. We can discuss requirements well in advance ensuring we understand what you need and to suggest the kind of images that will show off your event in the best possible light.

Portrait Photography

If you’re looking for striking images of a recently appointed CEO for the business pages, groups shot of your board members or creative headshots profiling key staff then you’ve come to the right place.

At PIXELBASE we’re regularly commissioned to provide a variety of portraits for our clients.

Our style of photography can be adapted depending on the image you are trying to convey; from environmental portraits showing off members of staff in their working environment to photographing hundreds of employees in your organization using our mobile on location studio, why not give us a call to discuss your requirements!


 We come from a press background and were brought up on a diet of news and breaking stories.

This means we have a real eye and understanding for the kind of shots that will lift an article and get your readers excited.

We’ve always got our ear to the ground at PIXEBASE, both home and abroad, and are ready to spring into action to cover the story, whether for the daily, weekly or monthly press.

Covering news, features, celebrities and business our team are available for assignment and can collaborate to provide images that are tailored for your publication.

Annual Report

Annual Reports are a great way to highlight the personality and success of an organization. A selection of carefully shot images can help communicate success, reassure the reader and inspire confidence in your organization.

Working closely with your designers or in house marketing team we will collaborate to create images that invoke a clear and strong statement about your organization and help deliver your vision for the future.

Whether you’re looking to communicate your message using natural documentary photography or plan to shoot a more conceptual style you can rely on us to deliver projects quickly, smoothly and provide you with a wide selection of quality images.