Digital Marketing

PIXELBASE is a Web-surfing, link-clicking, Face-booking group of Tweeting fools. We drink in the Internet like a fine wine. We whiff its bouquet, roll it around on our palettes, and then guzzle it down like drinking out of a fire hose. We know what’s hot. And what’s cool.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Build it and they will come is a lousy way to plan for the launch of a website. That’s why we look at Web development and website design as an integrated endeavor based on integrated thinking. Every Web initiative starts with a thoroughly thought out Web plan. We audit the competition, we gather the keywords and we get to know your target inside out. We strategize before we optimize. We analyze the Meta data. We maximize the keywords. We are experts in SEO and SEM. We recognize that all search engines are not created equal. What rings Google®’s chimes, doesn’t always melt Bing®’s butter. What works with Yahoo! isn’t always the answer for Ask®. We equip you with a full-blown strategy that establishes goals and measures performance.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (A.K.A. pay-per-click) can jump start your search engine ranking and supercharge your site traffic. Our team understands how important pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is to generating website visits and sales. In order to optimize results for both organic and paid traffic, we work with you to develop a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy. It’s all part of our comprehensive Web plan. Then we track and measure your conversion metrics. Like the man said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” We design a PPC program starting with geographic targeting, network targeting and keyword clusters that help define both campaigns and targets. We target customers so that the ad content, keywords and landing pages work together.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The days of an advertising monologue are over. Today’s customer wants a two-way conversation. Companies like Ford and McDonalds are embracing Social Media in a big way. But for this to work, brands need to recognize that the customer isn’t just always right, they are calling the shots. Social Media Marketing (SMM) lets customers share their opinions, advocate their causes and review your services. It also is an effective tool that is helping companies build longer-lasting relationships with the customer. Not to mention, it increases website traffic and raises organic ranking. SMM can improve your ROI, increase site traffic and boost sales. SMM has become an essential tool in the marketer’s toolbox. Learn it. Use it. Keep it sharp.